7,62 tokarev

help me
someone can tell me who are produce a 7,62 x 25 tokarev cartridge with in headstamp write COMMANDO " C " AF ?
I search but I don’t found!
thanks for your help.


Samourai - please provide a picture of the headstamp. I cannot tell anything from it the way you typed it. In the form you report it, I have never seen such a headstamp on anything.

I send you picture monday, I’m surprise by the letters in the first time I think my friend play a joke but he send me a picture but I don’t know the manufacturer !
thanks for your help

If you cannot post the picture on the Forum, please send it to me also. I have a listing of all known and documented Tokarev headstamps. If yours is new I would like to add it to my file.