7.62 toks or 7.63 mauser?

Left to right: S&B 7.62 tok,7.63 mauser?,two w/o stamps mausers too? Red one is ww2 7.62 tok?

So the question is are the two without stamps mausers and one with RM S stamp mauser too or are they all Toks?

Those two without stamps are with copper colored bullets with 3 crimps.

RM S too 3 crimp and copper colored bullet.
Im pretty sure that this is 7.63x25 mauser because maker is Rheinnmetal (?)

Overall lenght@ all 3 is 34.8mm so the lenght is same as S&B tok ammo.

Help anyone?


Picture and bullet is magnetic.
Notice the crimps are not in same line.

The unmarked ones look like Eastern Bloc Tokarev rounds.

RM S is for Rheinische Metallwarenfabrik in Sommerda. The old name of what nowadays is Rheinmetall. That is indeed a 7.63 Mauser round.

Surplus Tok rounds were imported and repackaged / sold as Mauser rounds in the past. I recall shooting Interarms branded 7.62 Tokarev years ago. Corrosive primed barrel fouling stuff, labeled as 7.63 Mauser :)