7.62 x 25 HST Help

I came upon this today. It seems to be a 7.62 x 25, but any ideas on the HST?

Let me try before Jon gets here. Chinese Norinco?

It is Chinese, from an anrsenal using the number “11” for a factory designator. Norinco has exported ammunition of this headstamp, and others to the U.S. and other countries. In that sense, it is proper, I suppose, to refer to it as NORINCO. However, bear in mind that NORINCO is a sales Agency, primarily an activity of the PLA, and not a manufacturer in the sense of being a particular or individual factory. The organization itself manufactures nothing. They simply handle the sale of many Chinese military products.

Great, put the pressure on me to come up with something!
Ok, it’s 11 93, the last 11 date imported into the US. I have 11 98 and 99 cases, but they came from Spain.
If any members have any other post-93 Chinese dates I’d love to hear about them.

I have or had 7.62x39mm from China with '94 and '95 dates. I know of some 7.62x39mm that turned up in New Zealand that had a post 2000 date. Or were you only asking about 7.62x25mm?


I was just talking about Tokarevs. I do need to back-track a bit, I also have a Chinese 947 94, but I’m not sure if I got that one in the US.