7.62 x 35mm?


Case length 34.76mm
Projectile diameter 7.78mm
Base diameter 10.43mm
Case & projectile magnetic.




it a russian 7.62mm SP-3 silent cartridge (captive piston in two parts) for the MSP pistol

source :http://modernfirearms.net/ (max popenker)

your cartridge is live ? if yes there are a very rare piece ,never see live one to sell (same as your 9x39 on your other post )
i search live 9x39 sp5 but it almost impossible


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Ok, thank you.
So the neck obviously changes shape after it is fired.
Here is a picture of my fired one I posted questions. Odd projectile in unknown casing
So now I have both. Now all I need is a cut-away example! Ha-ha…



Yes, it is live as far as I know. Red sealant from bullet matches case mouth, so the bullet was not pulled.



That’s an amazing find, what are the legalities concerning loaded silent ammunition? I heard a rumor that each individual round is considered a silencer, but that seems too extreme.


for the cutaway you can “easily” find an inerted exemple with hole in case and you cut the “quart” of the round (face with hole) so you obtain a nice cutaway without hole

in france this round would be classified a hunting and sporting ammo ???
but this round is designed for hand gun so maybe classified as hangun round (prefectoral autorisation required)


I believe you heard correctly.


Well… It looks like it needs to be sectioned or at least drill a hole in it.


I’d love to have a cutaway of this, like in the picture.