7.62 x 38.5mm Russian Nagant for submachine gun

Recently acquired this and of course am curious about its intended use. Was told it was a variation on the 7.62 x 38.5Rmm Russian Nagant (which it’s dimensions are identical to), but was informed it was for some sort of experimental Russian submachine gun possibly from the 1930’s. Headstamp is: “T П З 32” or “T П З 52” - the top of the year is cut off. Bullet is a flat nosed GMCS with 2 pin stabs.

Any thoughts, pictures?

That’s the info I have on the round, and it’s definitely the 1932 date.

Just recently we had a thread on this one:

Oh, excellent - thanks guys!

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Google Translation:

Submachine gun Tokarev (1927)

The Tokarev submachine gun, the original name is the Tokarev light carbine, an experimental model of an automatic weapon created in 1927 for a modified Nagan revolver cartridge, the first of the submachine guns developed in the USSR. It was not adopted for service, it was released by a small experimental party, it was limitedly used in the Great Patriotic War. FV Tokarev was created under a slightly modified 7.62-mm revolver cartridge of the Nagant system, because at that time pistol cartridges in the SS.