7.62 x 39 ARABIC Headstamp Identification - HELP

Sorry for the confusion on my first attempt. Any help to ID these headstamps would be appreciated.


Numbers 1-8 are all the Iraqi 03 factory, and include a 39 designation and a two-digit date.
Number 9 is also Iraqi, with the Iraqi govt. property “triangle”. I’m not sure if it is also from the 03 factory.

Like Jon writes the #9 headstamp is government contract style. I can’t however believe they come out of the 03 factory because of the significantly different appearance. The 03s usually look like being made with worn out tools and inadequate(ly operated) machinery while #9 style cartridges look quite the opposite. The 03 99 39 looks as if it had a different maker than the other 03, doesn’t it?
The different headstamps (years) of my collection #9 styles all look alike down into detail, so my guess is they come from same maker. Those I have come from Sellier & Bellot, one other from Zemtin powder factory sources.
Some very nice headstamps among them, if you can spare, please let me know.

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