7.62 x 39 (assumed not "original") Chinese

correct to call these “gun show” loads ?

left is “egg shell” blue H/S 71 66 BS primer, knurled cannulure

right is “silver” H/s 31 73 BS primer (no cannulure evident)(green case)

both seem to have US style ogive on the bullets (not the typical 7.62 x 39 “rounded” ogive)

I’d say so. The ogive is wrong for both rounds, as is the knurled cannelure on the one on the left. The one on the right with the silver tip might have a 7.62x54r LPS steel core ball projectile there. Ogive and tip color/appearance are close. Both of these rounds would have originally had a red/pink case mouth seal, so the absence of this sure points to a reloaded cartridge. I have a “gun show reload” 7.62x39mm on a Russian case with the robin’s egg blue tip. It was advertised as a “Raufoss” type explosive-incendiary. You don’t usually see these early date Chinese cases used for “gun show reloads”, so maybe someone made these up to sell as a collector’s item rather than a shooter cartridge. I do see from time to time some really cobbed-together ammunition sold as authentic “exotic” rounds on the auction sites…