7,62 x 39 headstamp ID needed


Picked up a relic 7.62 x 39 mm blank case. I don’t usually collect relics but the headstamps looked unknown to me:

C M b 1 9 9 3

( the “b” is actually a cirillic letter)

I haven’t found any info about the maker …so… who made this round?

Thanks in advance


Pivi–That is a new headstamp to me also. I hope someone can ID it so I can add it to the Master List".


Made by SMB (СМБ), Macedonia.


Fede–Thank you for the ID and picture. Could you show a picture of the headstamp?


I’m sorry but I don’t have it.


The manufacturer is:

“Suvenir” in Samokov/Makedonski Brod (today Macedonia)



Will post a picture as soon as possible

thank you all


Here it is