7.62 x 39 Headstamp Identification - HELP

Can anyone help me ID the attached 7.62 x 39 headstamps? Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Skarzysko Kamienna, Poland in 1975. The manufacturer’s code is 21 but not to be confused with Hungary which also uses the code 21. On Polish headstamps the 21 is inverted, on Hungarian it is the same way up as the date.

  2. Don’t know!

  3. Igman plant, Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1995

  4. Tula, Russia. ‘E’ is the date code for 1954.

No 2 is Yugoslavia, I am not sure but it was Makedonski Brod if I remember right.

I have no2 down as : Suvenir metal products enterprise Makedonski Brod - Samokov, Yugoslavia

Does anyone know if the “SMB” round is military contract or commercial? When does it date from? In my notes on the “011 95” round, I have it as from a contract by Igman for the Bosnia-Herzegovina army, but why was it surplussed to the US shooter market at only 10 years of age and why the numerical factory code instead of the usual “IK” or “NK”? These came in at the same time as some unheadstamped Igman cartridges in plain boxes. Was the “011” an attempt to disguse the ammunition?


The SMB sure looks like commercial Igman production.

I have a “Suvenir Makedonski Brod” СМБ 1994 (not certain about the exact year) headstamp brass case blank, so this should be a governmet contract. SMB I only saw with a soft point bullet, packed into a colourful (black-gold(-green?)) commercial box.

011 is said to be clandestine production during the Bosnia & Hercegovina war.

Thanks to all. I appreciate all the help. I will be posting several more photos of headstamps I can’t ID. Any help, again, would be greatly appreciated.