7.62 x 39 Headstamp Listing...Who posted this topic please?

Who posted this topic please , found in the archives of the forum, but no name!

I 'll be very interested by this listing, if you can help me, many many thanks for your help…

[color=#0000FF][i]7.62 x 39 Headstamp Listing

I have finally completed the Headstamp Listing part of the ongoing 7.62 x39 Project.

The listing is in MS-Word format and is 2 files.

#1–Arranged by Headstamp with the Country and Factory Name and Location.

#2–Arranged by Country with the know headstamps for each country.

As far as I know these lists are complete for all known 7.62 x 39 headstamps and all countries known to have made 7.62 x 39 or have had it made for them.

The lists are too long to post on the Forum, but if your interested in 7.62 x 39, send me an email and I will send both lists as attachments.

For those who request the lists, please review them for mistakes or to add headstamps I have missed. Also, for those headstamps I have listed as “Unknown Factory”, please let me know if you can supply the missing information.[/i][/color]

Antman. Ron Merchant.

Will–Thanks for answering Kriss’s inquery. The CD is already on it’s way to him.