7.62 x 39 ID


Can anyone provide more information on this round:

7.62 x 39mm, brass case, no headstamp, red primer sealant, GM projectile with magnetic core in tan 6-petal plastic sabot, black over green tip.

I bought this at a gun show 15 or 20 years ago, and it is listed in my notes as high velocity AP, US manufacture. I assume that it’s a “gun show special” reload (sabot looks like the ones used on Remington Accelerator ammunition although I don’t have one handy to compare), but I’d appreciate any further info on the round if anyone knows.



I had one of these in my collection many years ago, bought at a gun show in California. Years later I was told by a very advanced collector of this caliber that it was made by a company called “C&T” in Tucson, AZ. They specialized in exotic loads like tracers, incendiary, etc… and these sabot rounds. While not exactly “home made”, it is not an authentic military load. I’ve seen several variations of this and similar sabot loads in this caliber over the years, all apparently originating from C&T. They start out as a legitimate product, but trickle into collector hands and become “exotic” or “experimental” over time.



Thanks for the info! C&T is only a few miles from my house, so maybe I’ll stop by sometime and see if they have any detailed information on the loading.