7.62 X 39 Igman Dummies query

I have 2 different dummies they are a brass case round with headstamp I K - 85 7.62 X 39 SIEC and a plated case round with the same headstamp both have 1 case hole and both have CW, FMJ non magnetic bullets, I would like to know what SIEC stands for and why 2 different dummies , thanks Randy

Sherwood International Export Corporation, a defunct California company.

Sherwood was basically the surplus sales arm of the Israeli government. They sold a lot of captured equipment and surplus at one time.

I’ve not seen the plated case dummy before, but the brass cased version is (was) fairly common. SIEC had these dummies made special for them. I once saw a full box of these at a California gun show, but they were a variation where there was no case hole and the box plainly said “without holes”. IIRC both Igman and Prvi Partisan made ammo and dummy cartridges for SIEC.


These “SIEC” dummies usually look just like live ammunition. and are probably still in lots of collections as such. Most are dummies. Live cartridges with the SIEC headstamp are uncommon. Probably because of the political situation in what was then Yugoslavia, the deals for this ammo largely fell through, and for the most part, only the initial supply of dummies for evaluation and display were received by Sherwood. I have the following in my own collection:

Prvi Partizan (nny):

6.35mm (.25 Auto
7.65mm (.32 Auto)
9mm Browning Short (.380 auto)
7.62mm TT (7.62 Tokarev)
9mm Parabellum (FMJ bullet)
9mm Parabellum (Soft-nose hollow-point bullet)
.45 Auto
.38 Special (lead RN, nickeled-cup primer - the only plain brass-cased round to have a nickeled primer cup)
.38 Special (lead SWC - brass primer)
.357 Magnum (JHP bullet)
5.56 x 45mm (.223)
7 x 57mm Mauser (has powder in it - probably a live round)
.30 M1 Carbine
7.62 x 39
7.62 x 39 (nickeled case, GM bullet, nickeled primer cup, no holes)
7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
7.62 x 54R Russian
.30-06 (7.62 x 63mm)
.30-06 (nickeled case, GM bullet, nickeled primer cup, no holes. Something
metallic (one piece) inside the case)
.303 British
8 x 57mm Mauser

Igman (IK):

5.56 x 45mm (.223)
7.62 x 39
7.62 x 39 (nickeled case with one small hole in case, GM bullet, nickeled primer cup)
7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
.30-06 (one small hole in case, NOT plated)
.30-06 (nickeled case, one small hole in case, brass primer cup, GM bullet)
.50 Browning Machine Gun (on link - no markings on the link). this round seems to be loaded also.

None of the rounds from Prvi Partizan are dated on the headstamp. All of the rounds from Igman ARE dated on the headstamp “85.” The plated-case rounds from either factory do not have primer seals. All of the plain-brass cased rounds from both have the distinctive red-orange primer seal seen on most Yugo ammunition. Please remember that I am speaking here of only those rounds which I have. I can’t speak for what I have not seen.

I have the box for the 30 Mauser (yes, it is marked that way, and then below it "7.63mm Mauser, 7.62mm Tokarev), although the cartridges are headstamped “7.62mmTT.” The box is plain white with black print. On the side is printed, on two lines, DUMMY CARTRIDGES, WITHOUT HOLES. I also have the boxes for 6.35mm, 380 Auto and .45 Auto, and they are the same as the one described.

Hope this is of some help and interest

John Moss

Thanks for all the good info guys, Randy