7,62 x 39 incendiary/tracer

this is cartridge who are produce in USA but I don’t know the manufacturer,this version is incendiary/tracer
someone can tell me more? probably a little manufacturer!

  • @ samourai: The green lacquered steel cartridge cases [7.62X39] from your photo seem to be like those made in Europe by some former communist countries. It’s always of great help to mention the HEADSTAMP MARKINGS [which can be “impressed” or “raised”] and their position [if you know]. Liviu 08/20/07

I don’t have the marking but I saw other caliber with this color type.
it is possible than the cartridge case are bought in europe and the ball built in usa some the version SLAP.
this ammunition are solded in USA.

The rounds you have in you photo are what I like to call

it is an artisanal serie so
I so they produce for many caliber
it is very amazing!

It is common to find these, and many, many more cases with arsenal code headstamps, as they are the most common cases available to hand loaders. Many times it is hard to determine, but you can sometimes determine a “non factory” case mouth crimp, or some sign of tool marks…but the dead give away…is that there are no record of these types rounds being produced by legitimate military arsenals

when I saw this color of ball I’m very surprise, now I understand.
I’m working in this time for to know countries and manufacturers who product 7,62 x 39 mm and it is very interresting.
thanks for your help

This cartridges were very probably made by C&T Enterprises, Tucson, AZ, in the 90ies. I bought some down there, more than 15 years ago, which used mostly Chinese CWS cases(from before the Clinton Ban) or Czech L.St. ones.

C&T, and some other small firms made on a very small scale a large array of such fancy loads, with any possible colored tips. They also reloaded 7,62x39 brass with a variety of surplus bullets, like the 7,65 mm Argentinian explosive one (with black tip), or the WWII Italian incendiary 7,7x56R Breda, with its dark blue tip over “windows”!

So, you could also find a “Saddam Hussein Anihilator”, blue/black tipped with “UN” printed around(!), or a Devilish 666 red painted bullet!

I never had the idea to shoot one of them, just for fun…anyway, many collectors have been fooled by these rounds.


Are there any photos of these funny rounds?

I have a drawer full…over 100 variations (most are caliber variations, but a couple dozen odd ball color “themes”…no photos to post as yet…(I am spending way too few hours at home any where near my collection during summer NFL training camp…my job… to get to snap any quality photos)…and I do have the “wacko” themed rounds as mentioned above…

No problem, we can wait.

Here is a charger I picked up at a gun show in Mesa, Arizona several years ago. I don

pbutler, thanks for the image!

Knowing the mentality of some dealers, I would not be surprised if the only difference is the color of the paint applied, and that many are in fact ball loads with freshly painted tips. That sure is an easly way to turn a bunch of cheap surplus ammo into exotic loads to fulfill the fantasies of some of the “Rambo” wannabes.

Hi John !

About the ones bought in the GUN shows I don’t think so.
All these rounds are expansive and most of the people buy them to use them.
In the case they do not work they will bring them back to the dealer at the next gun show making a big fuss.

FAKES? Yes and NO. When offered as original factory loads-YES. When offered as after factory reloads-NO. The popularity of this caliber for both shooting and collecting has produced more of these variations in this caliber than any other.

COLOR FAKES; the most famous COLORFAKER was a fellow named “Crystal” who painted up a variety of shells for sale. Woodin lab has a good collection of these.