7,62 x 39 mm marking PKI


I found a cartridge in 7,62 x 39 mm marked PKI which manufacturer it is ?


SUVENIR (PKI), Samokov

PKI = RKI = " Capacit


this manufacturer are closed ?


I does not know



it is said PKI = RKI also produced under the company name “Suvenir Makedonski Brod”, headstamping СМБ and SMB. Samokov is a small place in the vicinity of the town named Makedonski Brod. According to a link I no longer have PKI in the meantime was privatized and last year was to be re-nationalised. According to this link:

maticanaiselenici.com/en/?pa … 8b9ba2ae9f

PKI now has been closed.

Known to me headstamps are:

brass case ball PKI 1984 through 1986

brass case ball PKI 1987 through 1990
folded brass blank СМБ 1993
brass case soft point ball SMB 7,62x39


According to this site it was reopened in 1995:

b-info.com/places/Macedonia/repu … -03-13.mic

I have also found internet entries where the plant was mentioned to do business in 1999.

They seem not to have a webpage - or I have not found it.



I found my news source according to which Suvenir was to be re-nationalized. Announcement was on August 16, 2007: http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A3=ind0708C&L=MAKNWS-L&E=quoted-printable&P=109279&B=–&T=text%2Fhtml;%20charset=ISO-8859-1
About the date in my previous post I am not certain if the date on the top-right is the news date or the date of today. This we will know by tomorrow … ;-)


No matter when, I just hope they still produce ammunition.


In my notes (originating from an ECRA bulletin???) I find the company was founded in 1980, producing ammo since 1984.


[quote]Suvenir\u003c/em>\u003c/strong>\u003c/p>\n\u003cp align\u003d"justify">Samokov’s Suvenir factory will become state-owned once again, says\u003cem> Dnevnik\u003c/em>
daily newspaper. This is due to the unfulfilled obligations by Greek investor Vasilios Papadopulos, which envisaged the production process to start by late 2006 and employment of 120 workers.[/quote] Vasilios Papdopulos is/was the owner of “Olympic” ammunition, formally sold in the US. Had has had several interesting dealings with ammo factories.


PKI = Cyrillic (=RKI Latin characters)

PK = a serbian abbreviation for “Reserved Capacity”

I = The Roman cipher 1

Therefore PKI stands for Reserved Capacity Number 1, which is the factory named Suvenir in Samokov, Macedonia.

source: ECRA Bulletin No 509


thnaks a lot for your help !