7,62 x 39 mm marking PKI

I found a cartridge in 7,62 x 39 mm marked PKI which manufacturer it is ?

SUVENIR (PKI), Samokov

PKI = RKI = " Capacit

this manufacturer are closed ?

I does not know


it is said PKI = RKI also produced under the company name “Suvenir Makedonski Brod”, headstamping СМБ and SMB. Samokov is a small place in the vicinity of the town named Makedonski Brod. According to a link I no longer have PKI in the meantime was privatized and last year was to be re-nationalised. According to this link:

maticanaiselenici.com/en/?pa … 8b9ba2ae9f

PKI now has been closed.

Known to me headstamps are:

brass case ball PKI 1984 through 1986

brass case ball PKI 1987 through 1990
folded brass blank СМБ 1993
brass case soft point ball SMB 7,62x39

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According to this site it was reopened in 1995:

b-info.com/places/Macedonia/repu … -03-13.mic

I have also found internet entries where the plant was mentioned to do business in 1999.

They seem not to have a webpage - or I have not found it.


I found my news source according to which Suvenir was to be re-nationalized. Announcement was on August 16, 2007: http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A3=ind0708C&L=MAKNWS-L&E=quoted-printable&P=109279&B=–&T=text%2Fhtml;%20charset=ISO-8859-1
About the date in my previous post I am not certain if the date on the top-right is the news date or the date of today. This we will know by tomorrow … ;-)

No matter when, I just hope they still produce ammunition.

In my notes (originating from an ECRA bulletin???) I find the company was founded in 1980, producing ammo since 1984.

[quote]Suvenir\u003c/em>\u003c/strong>\u003c/p>\n\u003cp align\u003d"justify">Samokov’s Suvenir factory will become state-owned once again, says\u003cem> Dnevnik\u003c/em>
daily newspaper. This is due to the unfulfilled obligations by Greek investor Vasilios Papadopulos, which envisaged the production process to start by late 2006 and employment of 120 workers.[/quote] Vasilios Papdopulos is/was the owner of “Olympic” ammunition, formally sold in the US. Had has had several interesting dealings with ammo factories.

PKI = Cyrillic (=RKI Latin characters)

PK = a serbian abbreviation for “Reserved Capacity”

I = The Roman cipher 1

Therefore PKI stands for Reserved Capacity Number 1, which is the factory named Suvenir in Samokov, Macedonia.

source: ECRA Bulletin No 509

thnaks a lot for your help !