7,62 x 39 mm


In this time I search 7,62 x 39 mm produced in USA and I saw this picture of HOT SHOT compagny but I read produce in romania ?
in another type of cartridge it is produce in serbia someone can tell me more.
I search so informations about eldorado cartridge corporationlongbow and corbon about the M 43 cartridge thanks for your help

  • @ samourai: 7.62X39 rimless ammo manufactured in Romania last year at U.M. Sadu plant with green lacquered steel cases, red sealant on the primer and brown sealant at the crimped area. The one-piece cardboard box contains 20 rounds and 700 rounds [35 boxes] are packed in a sealed green tin box. The ammo cannot be sold in Romania since it has FMJ bullets [stupid local laws!] and it was recently imported in USA. Liviu 08/18/07


What is the headstamp?

  • @ John Moss: The impressed headstamp markings are: “SADU 06 7.62” I haven’t seen another year of manufacture excepting the year “2006”. About the Romanian ammo manufacturer “Sadu” I mentioned in my 3rd Addendum [“Romanian Headstamps”], see page 39, IAA Journal #455, May/June '07. Liviu 08/18/07

  • Packed in a larger cardboard box [also marked “HOT SHOT”] can be found 7.62X54R cartridges “Made in Serbia” [not Romanian] recently imported in USA. I don’t know the heastamp markings. Liviu 08/23/07