7.62 X 39 Question?

Hi Again, I came across a steel cased 7.62 x 39. The bullet has an open point and is magnetic. It has a red PA and red seal at the case mouth. Its headstamp is TCW. Can anyone please tell me who and were (what country) it was made? Can anyone also tell me if its just a ball round? I am wondering about the open point? Many Thanks, joe

TCW - Tulammo / Tulski Patronny Zavod /Tula Cartridge Works, Russia

It is ammo for the civil market.

It is a “hunting cartridge” hollow point, but the bimetal jacket does not allow for reliable or consistent expansion as would a proper copper jacketed projectile… Most of the time, from the testing I have seen, they perform much like a FMJ projectile.

Made for the commercial market, primarily the US as ar as I know. Originally the Russian commercial 7.62x39 imported into the US did not have case mouth or primer seals. The red sealants were added reportedly at the request of US customers who wanted “military” grade waterproofing sealants for long term storage, etc…

Generally considered “plinking” ammunition.