7.62 x 39 real or re-manufactured (SLICS bring back....need

Tracer? If a legit Czech load, I would have thought it was a production reference/proof round.

Pepper–I agree with Johnnyc. A tracer would have a green tip. It is a nice round, in fact, in my opinion, better than a tracer.

White-tip tracers often turn out to be the “Headlight” tracers from Jim Haak (Northern Arizona Munitions), except for the French 9mm ones.

and how do we tell if it goes in my Chech drawer or “re-manufactured” drawer

Jon, if genuine Czech a reference would have a purple tip. If the white here is Czech and no load by someone else it would be practice/short range.

True, I might have been thinking Russian. Ooops.

Pepper, I have a picture of a round with an identical projectile listed as “white tracer” and loaded by/for J&J Sales.