7.62 x 39 RSA Reference list

Following on from the 7.62 NATO listing, this is the next “chapter” in what is becoming a very large and very interesting project on South African ammunition. There is currently very little information available on the 7.62x39 project, but hopefully this will change in future. The listing is under the SA REFERENCE COLLECTION again but here is the link.



I got these 4 rounds out of Israel. At the time I was told the 3 on the left had been used during a joint training exercise with Israeli and South African special forces, and that the rounds had originally come out of RSA.

L to R:
270 L GMRNSP, cws cs, brass pr.
21 82 GNSP, LS cs, brass pr, remains of blue tip.
270 N CNCS, cws cs, brass pr, remains of blue tip.

Daan, again thanks a lot for your great work!
Very informative.

When you wrote “Only one specimen has been seen thus far. It uses the same Belgian supplied bullet as was used in later production of the 7.62 NATO” for the half black plastic SR round, did you mean only one type, or actually only a single round known? If the latter, make it two…I also have one in my collection.

Possebly Belgian delivered bullet but these are Austrian short range bullets. I don’t think Daan means a single specimen, but more a single type as it is in mine collection aswell. Jan.
PS. Sorry as PS. But thanks for your great work aswell for these as for the 7.62x51 cartridges. Many thanks even if we don’t know what the is the historie of all these cartridges, it is interresting to know what is floating arount. Thanks.

Excellent work !!!. Many Spanish collectors be all carefull to this website. The problem is that we can´t to get some specimens only look…