7.62 x 39 Tear Gas

gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =458213369

I just noticed these rounds offered on Gun Broker and in my ignorance I have reason to wonder if these are the common Israeli tear gas bullets loaded and packaged as offered?

I want to make the distinction between “gun show” type loads and legit “arsenal” loads> I have a place for each in my collection but at this price (I really don’t need a box) I would want to know they are legit commercial/arsenal loads.

They sure look like the Israeli product, & the box has that past-on label?

As to home made, I’d think stuffing tear gas in a bullet & designing or making the bullet for that would be not worth it, unless to fleece cartridge collectors or the public in general.

Pepper, they are proudly made in “Bubba’s Ammo Factory”.
They are 100% Israeli 7.62x51 tear gas loads pulled and stuffed into Russian 7.62x39 cases. They are definitely not Israeli or Russian produced cartridges, and the purpose is whatever the guy at the gunshow tells you it is.
I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for the whole box, but I do see how they might have a place in your Special Purpose collection. It may be Christmas, but I surely hope you don’t have to get even remotely close to that asking price, for miss-represented ammo.