7.62 X 39 Unknown Headstamp

I have been sent a picture of a 7.62 x 39 withe the headstamp “A.M. 2 88 *”. The dots in the “A.M.” are midway vertivally, not at the bottom. It has a red primer annulus.

Anybody have an ID ? It has the look of a Syrian round to me. The star is the same as on Syrian rounds.

can you please post that picture? THANKS!

Hans–Here is the headstamp.

I don’t think that those are dots, rather just dings in the metal. Also don’t think that the “2” is a 2, rather some other symbol. It has the lower quality look of an Arab headstamp, but the odd primer annulus color and lack of primer crimp steer me away from Syrian production. Certainly a new and unknown headstamp to me!

AKMS–I agree that with the enlarged image that the dots in the A M are just dings. However I do think the 2 is actually a 2.

I agree that it’s a 2, and that it does not have a Syrian “look” to it.
Where was this round found? Just a case, or a full round? Can’t tell if it’s a FC or not.

Jon–The headstamp was sent to me from another collector in response to my request for additions to my list. He also sent a new Sudan headstamp (SU) and the Factory name and location for the Algerian “S” headstamp. I think he might be in France, but I am not sure. All I have is the image, but I will write to him and ask your questions. I believe it is a live round that has been chambered, but not fired, but, again, I am not sure and will ask.

I have an AM with just an AM and a date on the headstamp. It is made by Airmunition Industries, Switzerland. They manufacture only Police and military ammunition.

I did a Google search on Airmunition Industries S.A. Pr

Yes they went out of business may 23, 2005. The star on yours has me baffled a bit too, seems more of a Hirtenberger style 5 point star but the fonts seem closer to a yugo style…I will see what else I can find on this one.

Cartridgecorner - is your round with “AM” headstamp a 7.62 x 39 conventional cartridge? You did not mention that. If so, do you have documentation that it is made by Airmunition? I have several 9mm Airmunition items in my collection, and the “AM” 7.62 x 39 in question does not reflect the quality of manufacture of those items, or for that matter, Swiss ammunition in general.

If you are going just by the initials on the headstamp, I would have to doubt the identification of that round as being from Air Munitions. Of course, documentation settles the issue.

Hey Jon: No the round I have is not a conventional round, it is brass cased but a simunition type one…I just saw it on my list and now went to grab the cartridge…I thought it was reg but now see it is a sim type. Also mine is not a 7.62x39, just trying to assist Ron with finding the maker and it matched. The Swiss company never made regualr ammunition as such so i know this is not the maker of his now.

this time all I’d have to say is said. Except: a damn nice find!

Hans–Unfortunately all I have is a picture. The cartridge belongs to another collector.

you mentioned that, but still an exciting find!