7.62 x 39 Unknown Maker


Does anyone know who made the following 7.62 x 39’s:

10 ▲ ▲ 73

10 ▲ ▼ 77

10 ▼ ▲ 81

Note the change in the orientation of the triangles. These COULD be Bulgaria, but I do not think so. I have a confirmed Bulgaria with the 10 77 headstamp (no triangles).


Ron these are clandestine Russian lots. Unfortunately no details are known so far (well, at least to me).


EOD–Thanks for the information.


EOD, where did that info come from, if you can say?


Initially it was a vague assumption (also by some other people). When I asked back to Russia I got the answer that they will not tell me why and for whom it was made. So they basically admitted it to be Russian.


I had one in my hands and I’m confident it is Chinese. Coincidentially it was a year 73 which has the rounded 3, not the triangular upper part Cyrillic writers need to distinguish the number from letter 3/Z. Also the 0 is more rounded than any Soviet maker style I know.
Putting it side by side with a 31 73 makes it obvious they are sisters.


Here is the link, courtesy Erlen Meyer: http://img9.imageshack.us/i/chinese10akhs.jpg/


Hans–Thanks for the link to the picture. I would tend to agree that they look more Chinese than Russian.

Does anyone have dates other than 73, 74, 77 & 81. If so, what is the orientation of the triangles?