7,62 x 39 Various Questions

Who manufactured this one ?

Does this one look like an original load?

I was given this one as a movie blank made out of a 7,62x45 case. Is it legit?

Top one is Klimovsk Stamping Plant, Russia.

#2 Israel Military Industries
#3 Sellier&Bellot, a former 7.62x45 M52, heard the same story for it

I know the manufacturer of the cartridges, it is something else that I am asking.
Is the IMI one original bullet?
The third one let’s see if someone has something to sy about who made this blanks.

On the IMI cartridge, the projectile is not original, compared to my specimen.

The “bxn” blank has been sold as a “movie blank” as long as I can remember. A lot of 7.62x45mm ammunition was reformed to 7.62x39mm ball and blank over the years, both by (or for) the U.S. Army and commercial enterprises. Many years ago, the only ammunition available for SKS rifles and the first imports of Chinese AK-47 type rifles in the US were Lapua or this reformed ammunition. I consider it to be a genuine movie blank.