7.62 x 39

In the States there are 2 (perhaps 3) manufacturers of these special loadings.

All the ones you find at gun shows in the States have different names but are coming in fact from these manufacturer(s).

I know pretty well the ones made in Arizona (but not at C&T enterprises)which are the best ones I tested.
The color code is :
Blue : Incendiary
Silver : Armor Piercing Incendiary
Silver/Red : Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer
Red : Tracer
Green : Tracer
White : Tracer
Yellow : Starburst
Blue/red : Incendiary Tracer

The incendiary ones are made with magnesium powder and for the Starbburst they add Titanium.

One dollar (retail price) is very cheap for an incendiary round !!
I never saw them at this price on any gun show.

They work pretty well and I shot a lot of them during MG shooting.
The Starburst are very nice during the night because apart from the incendiary flash you see a rain of sparks.

Another company (always in Arizona) is making 22 LR and 12 Gauge Incendiary.