7.62 x 39mm Iraqi dummy

Is this a genuine dummy round or simply an unprimed case with a bullet stuck in it?
The bullet is not a 7.62 x 39mm; it protrudes about 3mm further from the casemouth giving an o.a.l. of 58.46mm. I believe it has a steel core and a rather distinctive bulbous shape but I have no idea what it is.
If it is genuine what would be the purpose for a ‘longer than normal’ dummy?

I see faint evidence of ejector marks on the head, and possible spent primer residue inside the primer pocket. I expect at least this is a fired case with the primer removed. The overall texture and appearance of the brass suggest it has been cleaned and polished when compared t regular Iraqi cartridges. At first blush it appears to be something someone assembled out of whatever was at hand. Is there anything inside the case?


I haven’t pulled the bulled so I cannot be certain however there doesn’t appear to be anything in the case. I agree there is a residue of some sort in the primer pocket however I have just wiped the pocket with tissue and that residue has come away easily. I have also had a close look at the ejector marks under intense lighting & with a magnifying glass. There actually appear to be at least five similar marks. Using the triangle as a 12 o’clock reference point they are at 2, 5, 7, 10 & 11 o’clock positions.
I’m wondering whether repeated chambering and ejecting a dummy round would be sufficient for the ejector to very lightly mark the metal in this way.

The dummy I examined once had a regular bullet with an original crimp, the case was filled with what sounded like shot and the primer was struck.

Thank you gents, it looks as if someone’s had me fooled by this one!