7.62 x 39mm seal colour

I have this Soviet 7.62mm with purple seals. I haven’t seen this colour used before on Soviet rounds of this calibre before; could it indicate some unusual loading? The headstamp is ‘60 64’ in case it doesn’t display clearly.

My checklist does not show any loads other than normal ball with this headstamp. The date is early in the time period where both the lacquered steel case and lacquer casemouth and primer seals were introduced. I suspect that they were simply trying some different things at that time.


This time period is typical for various laquers applied (on other calibers too and mainly to be observed with 9x18 Mak.). We have to keep in mind that at this time the laquer had no prescribed meaning and was not standardized in any military list of requirements.
All this changed beginning with the 5.45x39 7N10 in the 1980’s which had a purple CM. Since then on an irregular basis the seals started to be used as a load identifier. Also there are variations of the meaning of colors between military and MIA ammunition like the purple CM which in military use denotes a “enhanced penetration” (AP by our terminology) while the MIA had purple CM on the “PRS” seris of cartridges (low ricochet - just lead core) which had a civilian hs then or alternatively a 3x120° style with military typical factory code and year and the 3rd entry on the hs saying “PRS” (in Cyrillic).

Some other examples:
9x18 Mak. tracer = green CM
5.45x39 7N24 (tungsten) = black CM

If I missed something please correct me.

Thank you both.

I fully agree with EOD. In the year of seal introduction there must have been an open situation in the USSR. The Klimowsk plant (711) applied green lacquer before they switched to red.


That was only on T-45 tracer cartridges though? To go along with the tip color for identification? Not found on M-43 Ball cartridges?


AKMS, no at that time the CM and PA had definately no meaning and did not correspond with tip colors. If they did then only by accident.

Soviet crimped blanks were sealed blue, at least at that time. I guess, since the colour was left to the plant, they just took what was in house. By the way, has anybody ever seen a 7,62x39 blank by plant 60 ?


I have only seen the green case mouth and primer seals on tracer rounds. Does anyone have examples of ball, or other loads from this era that are not tracers and have green seals? Just curious, not questioning the information provided. Any other sealant colors besided red, green and purple known? I have seen red and purple on blanks, but from later years than the 1960’s. How about a photo collage of known Soviet color variations?