7.62 x 39mm Steel Case, ZSR Patlayıcı San. A.Ş., Turkish ammo in the USA. Headstamp: MPD 19 7.62x39

Buf, d

MPD = ?

on box

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What does MPD stand for?

Cases made somewhere else and loaded in Turkey? Their other products seem to have brass cases with only 7.62x39mm having steel cases…


Very similar to Russian


Quite a few of the Turkish companies also offer 9x19mm in steel cases, both brass washed and with a silver color (nickel???) finish. I have not seen a lacquered steel finish in 9x19mm. A couple of decades ago, when Turkish steel cases first showed up, I was told by a person in the industry that Turkey got their steel case technology from the Chinese.

Od course, these steel cases could have been made by any of quite a few countries. There is a company on the Turkish part of Crete named Medef Defense Ltd that sells 9x19mm in both steel and brass cases.


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Looks like the same stuff we saw in “Brown Bear” marked commercial packaging, laquered steel case.

The silver colour you mention is most likely the zinc plated steel case ammo, sold in the US under the name “Silver Bear”.

The box with MPD on was made by Sarsilmaz Silah Sanayi of Istanbul Turkey while the box with the MPD headstamps is made by ZSR A.Ş who also makes the YAS brand.

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Hi Curtis, I think you mean “The box with SAR…”, but both “SAR” and “MPD” are ZSR products. This is the company that purchased Yavaşçalar A.Ş. in August 2017 and used to be called Sarsılmaz Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş. (not Sarsılmaz Silah Sanayi A.Ş., that is the company dedicated to firearms). They changed their name to ZSR Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş. in October 2018.

To make myself clear:

  • Up to August 2017: Yavaşçalar A.Ş.
  • Between August 2017 and October 2018 = Sarsılmaz Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş.
  • After October 2018 = ZSR Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş.

They inherited all Yavaşçalar trademarks, like Yas, Yavex, Yaf, Bugatti, Forza, Max, Pax, &c.

The “MPD” trademark was applied on November 22, 2018. I contacted the company regarding its meaning and their foreign trade manager simply responded “It’s one of our brand names”. I’m waiting for further details, but received no answer so far.




Thank you Fede for the investigative work.