7.62 x 47.4 Pre Nato

From left to right :
light green Alu case, no hstp
Brass case, F A 45
Brass case, F A 46, silver tip, o on primer

  1. What does mean the silver tip ? Incendiary ?
  2. Which one is the scarcest ?



Silver is API code in US. All about the same value - ca $35+ .

Thank you John !


This is just my own personal opinion but I would put the greatest value on the T5 Graphited Aluminum cartridge. Followed in value by the FA 45 since it is the earliest of the T65 cartridges as evidenced by the M2 bullet. The cannalure on those bullets do not match the short case neck of the T65. The later T65 cartridges had a bullet made especially for the 47mm case. The FA 46 API is the most common of the three. I posed a question on an earlier thread about the meaning of the “0” on the primer but have not received a definitive answer as yet.

Again, JMHO


Thank you very much