7.62 x 51 blank rounds help please!



I have 35 7.62 x 51 blank rounds on a belt.

The headstamp is also marked, DAG- 84 - 28

Can anyone tell me what this means please?
I’ve had the rounds for years,they were given to me by a German friend who told me that they had come from the German army.

All help appreciated!

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“DAG” stands for Dynamit Nobel AG, Troisdorf, Germany. “84” is the date (1984). “28” Is the lot number. Hope this helps. Are these brass cased or plastic with an aluminium base?


Thanks Gareth!

These are the plastic ones with the aluminium base.

Any idea on value please?

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No problem. No idea on value. What colour plastic are they made from? Are the bases brass, aluminium (shiny silver) or zinc (dull, darker grey)? What colour is the primer cap, and does it have any annulus, if so, what colour? Are there any primer crimps? Are these fired or live? What style of link are they in? Most probably regular GPMG pattern (M13).

My (fired) example of this round has a black plastic case, aluminium base, nickel primer cup with green annulus, held in place with three stab crimps. It also has fine lines running down the case from the base of the shoulder to about 1.5cm above the head. It is a later example headstamped “DAG 91”.

Any more details would be helpful. At Bisley, I seem to remember similar plastic blanks going singly without link for about 50p-


They are unfired,olive green in colour,looks like a zinc base with nickel (shiny metal) primer cap,no annulus and 3 stab crimps.

As for the link, I have no idea,so I’ve included a pic!

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The bases could be either zinc or corroded aluminium. These links are not what I expected, they are for the MG3 machine gun. The 7.62x51 Version of the (in?)famous 7.92x57 Nazi MG42. The MG3 was, and possibly still is, used by the postwar German army. As far as I know, those links are identical to the 7.92mm Version. Interesting rounds.


Here is a pic of the base.


They look like the bases are are zinc. Sorry I cannot be of more help on the value but I do not know much about prices of cartridges.


Hi Andy,
Whilst these are an attractive and interesting item linked together in what would appear to be their genuine links I don’t think they are at all scarce. I’d suggest the individual rounds would be readily available for about 50 pence each at Bisley or a similar venue. Sorry!