7.62 x 51 brown tip

All, is this a dim tracer or some Desert Storm round that was intended to confuse the enemy by tracing green. I’ve read about both. Thanks. And a good recommendation on a book that covers recent NATO ammo I’d appreciate it.

The LC 91 headstamp & that color tip is the green trace M62.

I’ve only found the LC 91 headstamp of those.

Super cool. I have an unexplainable obsession with green tracers. I shot one & it traced great for a LONG way.

I’ll see if I can find a picture of my box.


The brown tipped LC 91 cartridges are reported to be green tracers. Here is a forum thread discussing them in more detail: M62 7.62x51 Brown Tip Tracer.

The M276 dim tracers have a purple tip. Early experimental versions of these dim tracers exist with tip colors that include pink, green over pink, green over white, and white over pink. These are typically dated 1968 to 1970.

Thanks. I think I saw a 5 round clip of those brown ones and I have a lot of the dim tracers from LC 69, very pretty. I might also have another experimental dim tracer, according to another thread. Thanks guys!

Is the green here related to the fact that Russian/WAPA tracers are green too (not speaking of tip colors)?

Hi Alex, yes, was intended to confuse the enemy when special ops worked behind enemy lines. That was the intent, I’ve never read or heard of this actually being used or if it worked. Most soldiers don’t like tracers because they work both ways…

Henry, I guess this is why delayed ignition tracers and later IR tracers were adopted.

Exactly why! Dim tracers work great under goggles, I loved burning those off back in the day out of M-60D’s and 134’s…

Alex, do you know what this one is? I was told an experimental dim tracer but no further documentation. Let me know what you think.

Henry, I think nothing here as this is way beyond my knowledge.
We have way better experts here to comment on this one.

M134? Sounds like you had a good time!

Ok Alex fair enough my friend!! Yes, 134’s are the best, especially when you’re not buying the ammo!

Not having to buy ammo is the pre-condition for a M134 no? :-)

Bottom, 4th whole cartridge from the left. Just for reference.

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Found it: sealed box of M62 green tracers

Another point: I asked my dad once if he had ever seen these used in the service. He was in Storm, right when these were made & he said he had never heard of such a thing. He wasn’t one of the ‘under the wire’ guys though.


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Awesome you guys thanks!! I found 5 more on a clip last night…

seems we have three posts about brown and yellow white tips

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Aaron ?

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Without wishing to intrude unduly in the thread’s original intention … what is the monolithic copper bullet in the bottom row, last on the right ?

Does it have a special purpose and also a type designation in the US system ?


The solid mono bullet is the XM178 Solid Turned Ball, its live mate is above it, and not next to like the others. (Ran out of room on tray)
There also exists the XM180 Solid Turned Tracer , but not pictured here. Has a little red tip.