7.62 x 51 Frankford Arsenal 1961- "President Eisenhow ammo"


Looking for info about this box.

Box is sealed (and I’m not part of the “open everything up” fraternity) but the 173 grain bullet suggests some sort of match load, along with the fancy label. Note that the powder and primer info are pre-printed, along with “LOT FA” but no actual lot number is added.

Perhaps some sort of experimental label the were considering?
It came from the Berk Lewis estate, but I have other info to help ID this.



Information I have on this is as follows
This was part of a presentation to President Eisenhower by Army Ordnance in early 1961. A presentation M14 was also included. As stated on the box, the cartridge was loaded for to give a low recoil yet still function in an M14 rifle. Headstamp is allegedly (+) FA 60

Great box - thanks for sharing




Wow! IKE Ammo! That is very nice. Thank you for showing that.

Here is a link to the Springfield Armory Museum that shows the sister rifle of the M14 presented to President Eisenhower: nps.gov/spar/historyculture/ … ecting.htm

Click on the gold “Eisenhower M14” for more information on it.




That is one of the nicer box labels made by FA. As you know, I have a couple of the blank labels, but no box. I doubt if many were made.

Many of the lesser known FA boxes have very colorful labels, especially the International and Palma Match. There are also a few National Match labels, while not colorful, are extremely rare. Maybe some day I will photograph some of mine and post them.

Thanks for sharing.