7.62 X 51 Israeli Tear Gas ? round

Hi Folks, I purchased this as a tear gas round but I can’t find any info ,could someone please provide any more details , the headstamp is K Y (cyrillic ) 2-59 the 2 piece bullet is copper coloured with a brass nose the case, and front brass bullet portion ,appear to have an acid wash appearance thanks Randy

Are you sure of the “2-59”? I thought they were all one h/s, 4-61 or something.
Israeli troopers had a lot of work trying to clear terrorists out of caves and small stone huts. They learned that tear-gas grenades were easily smothered or tossed out. Twenty small tear-gas rounds from a FAL magazine did a more permanent job.

These grey-tipped tear gas rounds also exist in 7.9 x 57mm Mauser. Imagine what a belt full of them from an MG 34 or MG 42, would do inside a cave.

Here’s a shot of some of the cutaways I’ve done, including one of the 8mm versions of the tear-gas round (4th from left in the top row); the green putty is simply a marker/filler that I put in.

Forgot, K Y mentioned above are not Cyrillic, but the Hebrew letters for T and Z, which stand for Military Industries.


Great job and photo.

What is the cartridge 3rd from the right, top row?


Thanks, Ray. That’s a Karlyn Firefly, a distress flare made for hunters in many common big-game cartridges (30-30, 30-06, etc.). It’s basically fireworks composition inside a drawn magnesium shell, that is launched with a small propellant charge.

Hi Jon, thanks for your reply, yes the 2-59 is correct, thanks to all who replied, Randy

Randy, I may have been the source of this round. I recently passed on a few of them from a full box I had. Am happy to post the box label if you are interested and I’m sure Jon C will translate it for us!

Happy to. I think that lot # might be a new one for that loading. I hope Dave Sutton is watching!

Hi Lew, yes thanks I would like to see a copy of the label,thanks Randy

Here’s a photo of a box, a set of 5 rounds and a stripper clip which is marked for both 7.92/7.62mm. I’ll post a close up of a sectioned cartridge later. I’ve not seen the lot number before.

Dave S

Here’s the label translation (right to left):

20 CARTRIDGES 7.62 M"M // M"Y (not sure what MY is for)


LOT: (10-5/61 T.Z.)


Cutaway from my collection (thanks to Paul Smith for the sectioning)

Dave S

Am I correct in thinking that the sectioned tear gas round shown has a solid GM projectile with lead base plug and hollow centre for the tear gas compound. Why is there what appears to be a lead plug between the 2 ares of tear gas compound? I presume the ares that held tear gas compound are filled with red putty.

Thanks for all that good info guys, one interesting point is that my round dose not have a grey tip ,close examination shows no sign of it ever having one , plus the fact its an early date maybe its an early Trials or experimental round ? thanks Randy

Randy, I’m home now and my box is identical to the one Dave S posted. The headstamp is dated 4-61.

Thanks for all the replies folks , one interesting thought is that my round dose not have the grey tip or any sign of ever having one plus with the early date it may be an experimental or trials round ,something to ponder on , regards Randy