7,62 x 51 Low Recoil cartridges from Palencia, Spain

These experimental low recoil cartridges were loaded in small quantities for a Spanish Army contract, for machine gun testing. There are ball and tracer loads.

The bullets were the same as for regular production cartridges (9,45 grams ball, 8,93 grams tracer). Muzzle velocities were 746 m/s for ball and 750 m/s for tracer.

The ball load is identified by the white painted tip and the tracer by the yellow over red tip. 3-stake primer, green primer seal, no headstamp in both cases.

The packaging boxes were the same as for regular production but assembled inside out, as can be seen in the picture. Some unprinted boxes were also used.

Headstamp, please.

Pete, he wrote “no headstamp in both cases”.