7.62 x 51 M61 T93E2


I posted this label some time ago in the old forum, but it may have disappeared.

This ammo came to Spain to be tested at the CETME facilities in Madrid.

As I said before, it seems strange to me that it says “7 comma 62” instead of “7 point 62”, but again I can’s see the point in faking the label.


Looks like a locally (Spain) made label pasted over the original US one… Nothing about the label in the picture looks US to me.

Also, why put both the M-61 and T93E2 designations on the same label?



I’d try to remove the label to see what is under it. I have a box of LC Lot #12013, and it is pre-NATO, T93E2, with cartridges headstamped LC 54.

As AKMS said, it’s not a fake label, but one added by someone, for whatever their reasons.