7.62 x 51 M80 with softnose bullet?

Im fairly sure I know the answer to this but will ask for a bit of confirmation. I have a 7.62 x 51 M80 cartridge in my collection which has a soft nosed bullet. I am guessing this is a reload, reusing the case for sporting purposes, but could there be any other explanation? The case is Boxer primed/single flash hole.

Headstamp - (excuse fingers!)

Your guess is probably correct. With a fired primer (and no powder??) and a soft-point bullet, it would not technically be a reload but, rather, a dingbat.


Those Indian rounds are commonly available and were issued to troops in the UK. I found that they were nothing like target quality, just adequate military stuff. Some target rifle reloaders used these cases as they were of good quality and had a good life.

So, it is not surprising to see a sporting bullet in one of them.


Thanks, thats pretty much what I thought,

Ray - your right that this is an inert specimen with no powder, I think I picked it up many years ago from a market militaria stall,

Ive not come across the word ‘dingbat’ in regards to collecting before (probably shows how long its been since I last looked at the collection), would you mind elaborating a little? Im guessing it means a one off made with whatever was to hand, for whatever purpose (in this case probably just to be able to sell it to a kid on the market for 50p!)

Good reloading brass. I have personally loaded hundreds of those cases with all manner of .308 bullets.


Yes, your definition of a dingbat is spot on.


For a collection, especially if one’s interest is mainly headstamps, I would pull the bullet out of the case and keep on the fired case in the collection. The bullet adds nothing to the story; in fact it just muddies the waters. JMHO.

I think this one will just go in my box of oddballs. Thanks for all the info