7.62 X 51 MM DUDS ammunition (PHOTO ADDED)

Does anyone know the total number of these cartridges that were manufactured? I would have included a picture, if only I had an example to photograph. Someday… Thanks


The only mention of quantity in HWS Vol. III is that the government contractor who manufactured the 7.62 DUDS, Pacific Technica, provided the U.S. Air Force with 2,000 rounds for testing in 1971.

Pacific Technica (PATEC) loaded some DUDS projectiles into commercial .30-06 cases for armor plate test by Hughes Tool Co. in 1969-1970. Bill Woodin had at least one of these in the lab’s collection.

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Thanks Mel, I was once offered one round for sale, and it came with a story. Supposedly, the cartridge had come from a partial box purchased from a retired FBI agent, who had received it from a member of one of the two FBI counter-sniper teams which are stationed 24-7 on the roof of the White House. Since it is the Secret Service, not the FBI, who is responsible for the safety of the President, I was immediately reminded of a bit of wisdom that John Scott had shared with me. He said that the more elaborate the story accompanying an exotic cartridge was, the less likely the story was to be true…Has anyone else heard the “retired FBI agent / counter-sniper team” legend?

A few years ago I saw a partial box for sale at the ECRA meeting, it is rare not impossible to see

Not going to name any names but there were a couple of FBI agents I knew / know that were once part of an FBI sniper team & both collected cartridges. One of which sold his collection & trade stock to John Scott.

So perhaps a wee-bit true?


    April 19

A few years ago I saw a partial box for sale at the ECRA meeting, it is rare not impossible to see

7.62 x 51 = @ LC 70
7.62 x 63 = W-W SUPER 30-06 SPRG



nice to see the 30.06 version of this round
and the cutaway

nice 06 Pepper


just traded that box today at German show


I might have traded the '06 for it :) …I actually a huge smile & wink !!!

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Another pic for reference. Had them tested at a radiological medical lab. (Twice)

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Bill we still have the one you sold us

Has anyone found any video of testing armour plates (or whatever) with this in DUDS .30 calibre?

What reading did they give for the amount of radiation emitted?

Judging from the captions on Kevin’s pictures it appears to measure
3.5MR/hr with the sabot in place (shielded) and 4 MR/hr with it removed (unshielded).

I question the capital “M” though as that would indicate Mega R or Million Roentgen per hour! (a lethal dose is 500 R and at 4.5MR/hr one would achieve that in less than a second) Since Kevin was very much alive and well at SLIC this has to be a typo and likely should be uR for micro roentgen or mR for milli roentgen.

One would also need to know what distance this activity was measured from the penetrator and if it was adjusted to subtract the local background.

Thanks for the reply. I completely missed the captions on the photo.

What does the D.S. mean, after Depleted Uranium…?

DS = Discarding Sabot

Ah. I should have known that… Thanks.