7,62 x 51 mm NATO Extended Case Shot by FM "FLB"


Only 300 or 400 made in 1965. Standard production was later made with nickeled case in 1966 and 1967.


Case looks like standard Nato Blank Case, but loaded with shot.

Probably for Riot (civil disturbance) which was common in Argentina in the mid to late 60s ( before the military dictatorship.)

Doc AV
AV Dallistics,
Brisbane Australia.

Felice Natividad, y Prospero Ano Nuevo.


Fede, thanks!


Dont this it was RIOT ammo even I did not open any of them.
I alway hear they were sold as survival ammo for small game hunting.

Nickeled ones are more common (the one on the right):

Sorry for the low quallity picture.