7.62 x 51 mm nato

Can anyone tell me which, if any, foreign countries loaded corrosive 7.62 X 51 mm NATO Cartridges ?? Thanks, Bill

Given the timeline I would have thought it unlikely but its a good question. Lets see what turns up.

Technically, if it’s corrosive, it’s not NATO-spec, so you can’t really call it 7.62 NATO.
With that said, I’m pretty sure that there is Czech, Chinese, and Bulgarian corrosive in this caliber, possibly even some early Israeli. Yugoslav and Syrian milsurp might also be corrosive, but I can’t recall any particular discussion on either.

Thanks for the responses. I suspected that, even though it would not meet NATO specs, some countries (I didn’t know how many) had loaded these rounds using corrosive components. I don’t think it is a good idea to shoot anything but U.S. loaded ammunition unless you have a tub of warm soapy water handy. Regards, Bill

I shoot any of it in my “bolties”, pretty easy to clean, but I would avoid the corrosive stuff in an auto.

Thanks, Jonnyc, I don’t do much shooting, but it is not worth the risk in the guns I have chambered for this caliber. Regards, Bill