7.62 X 51 mm

I have received a large quanity of 7.62X51 ball ammo with Green primer sealer in unmarked 5 shot stripper clips. It is marked 7.62 AFN 86.White boxes are marked Charger clip (in ball point ink) an then 20 Cartridges Cal. 7.62 X 51 Soft core AF Lot 12-86. It’s not listed on our web site.Can someone tell me who made it?

I have AFN listed as a Nigerian headstamp but thats all the info I have.

I believe Ordnance Factory Nigeria have recently changed their name to Ammunition Factory Nigeria.

Please tell me I haven’t traded for Nigerian ammo. Even if you have to lie.

Traded!? You mean you actually gave something away in exchange for this!!
Joking aside, I haven’t yet seen an example of this headstamp so from a collector’s perspective it probably wasn’t that bad a deal.

too much for too much!

Still Nigerian huh?