7.62 x 51 nato ID

I believe this is a Dutch 7.62 nato round the headstamp is AI 62 A nato symbol it has a Black non magnetic tip, what do I have ? observation/tracer or something else, thanks Randy

Sounds like a Dutch AP to me.

Can you have a Non Magnetic AP round ? if this is an AP what would its core be, please tell me more, thanks Randy

Perhaps it is a ball with black paint.
A Dutch AP bullet looks like this.

Thanks for the photo and info Dutch, that is not my round, mine is crimped into a smooth cannelure, this has to be a product of the stuffers friend “the faker”, I do have other words to describe them, I am sure Dutch you can guess what they are, regards Randy

Tungsten alloy is used in the best AP rounds and that is non-magnetic (at least, on checking the various tungsten alloy cores I have, the response to a strong magnet is weak to zero).

I hope you have a Section 5 for those, Tony!


[quote=“TonyE”]I hope you have a Section 5 for those, Tony!
My FAC covers me for everything except HE - which I wouldn’t want in the house anyway! I also included spotting rounds last time, as there is a degree of uncertainty over those.