7.62 x 51 nato MS headstamp


This Nato round is headstamped MS ( nato symbol) 233-64 brass case and primer with Green seals and a Red tip which makes it a tracer round but who is MS the other numbers may be batch number and date made 1964 ? could be German or ? appreciate any info Thanks Randy


7.62mm Leuchtspur DM21 made by Manusaar in the former West Germany, lot number 233 of 1964.


This reminds me on this incident:


Hard to believe one single overloaded round can do this.


Is it the same factory that makes civilian ammo with the M&S headstamp?


Pivi, no it is a different one today located in East Germany.
The military ones here are not related.



Manusaar AG (MS), B


MANUSAAR is also known for its experiments in light alloy cases, around the same period.



Thanks to all Randy