7.62 x 51 NATO Unknown Dummy


This dummy was found in Argentina but it does not resemble any other model we have ever used (in any caliber). Maybe it is a product of one of our neighbour countries like Bolivia or Paraguay but I have no idea. Does anyone have a similar round?

Headstamp is FN + 56 and bullet is just an empty GM jacket soldered to the neck. A couple of loose elements can be heard inside the case.


Fede, I have never seen anything similar in any caliber. I have seen this type of grooves on solid metal dummies but not on a normal case. It seems to me that the (apparently) square corners on the grooves would make this dummy likely to fail along one of the sharp corners if it was used a lot.

Nice item!



Lew, thanks for your comments.

By the way, do you have any information about this dummy pictured in your book? It was found in Argentina?


That particular case design goes back more than 100 years when Frankford Arsenal used it to quickly ID the Cal .30 Guard Cartridge (middle cartridge in photo). It was replaced with the case with shallow longitudnal grooves in the case shoulder (second from right).

Yours is obviously an FN product and perhaps uses a second-class or reject case? I doubt if the grooves would weaken the case enough to cause problems in a dummy. The US M63 Dummy also uses the bullet jacket without a core but with grooves in the case body.

A 6.5x55mm Swede dummy uses a case with the same circular grooves - but only 2 grooves.



Ray, this dummy was made from a fired case and it doesn’t resemble any known FN product.