7.62 X 51 Question

Case, base and pointed FMJ bullet are all Black, all non magnetic , the headstamp is in Hebrew which looks like K N and 75 there is also a Hebrew K on the primer dose this round have any special purpose ? thanks Randy

As most of you guys know, I know almost nothing about 7.62 NATO, but the “K” on the primer on 9mm Para indicates a reload by the Israeli Cartridge Company in Jerusalem which markets it’s reloads under the Kalia brand name. the ICC reloads usually have Israeli military headstamps, but occasionally other headstamps are encountered. The “K” also shows up as an overstamp on headstamps indicating a Kalia reload.

Cheers, Lew

All true, but I think “marketED” is more accurate. I think the company is long gone. If it is still in operation I’d like to hear about it.

Jon, Thanks for the info. All my samples are from long ago, and the copy of their catalog I have dates from about 1980. Nothing from them in a long time.