7.62 x 51 questions

Who made?

  1. 7.62 x 51
    MS 129-60
  2. NATO
    MS 240-62 with Red Tip?
  3. NATO
    LC 69 with a green and pink tip?
    Who mfg. the MS cartridges?
    What do the bullet tip colors stand for?
    Bob R.

MS is the code for Manusaar-Diehl , Germany
129th lot of 1960

Red tip is a tracer.
240th lot of 1962

Think the LC must have a purple primer, Starl. Tracer.


  1. Dim Tracer. Also known as Starlight Tracer. Only visible through night vision gear. VN war development, several other tip color codes used, Green/white, White/pink, etc. Current color code is a violet. Do a board search for previous postings.