7.62 x 51, RANO h/s - ID Please


I found this 7.62 x 51 recently with the peculiar 3 x 120 primer crimp.

Does anyone recognise it? It is live with a cupro-nickel proj and grey green disc propellant.



RANO was an company formed by Raufoss and Norma. I believe the 2A7 is a loading code.

Dave S


RANO is the code for cartridges produced in association between Raufoss and Norma for the most important shooting range of Norway
I think that 2A7 represent the type of brass (2), the number of lot (A) and the type of bullet (7)



I also have a specimen of this and it is loaded with a re-used CN jacketed lead cored .303 Mk VII projectile (measures correct .311"). This is definitely a factory load as there are three dot crimps on the case neck of the RANO 7.62 case which match indents on the projectile exactly. The projectile also has three indents from British style stab crimps further down, indicating it was removed from loaded ammunition.


That RANO round has the weirdest 3-stab primer crimp I have ever seen, if that is what it is. It appears in the photo that the primer cup is stamped rather than the case at the edge of the primer pocket. therefore, the primer cup overlaps the case a little. That would do nothing to keep a primer in its pocket, as far as I can tell. Is the picture distorted, am I hullicinating, or what?


John, the primer is more “stamped” than crimped in the case. I wonder if it could be some kind of experimental primer marking. The recycled .303 Mk VII bullet is also odd.


RANO was a sales organisation formed by Raufoss Ammunition factory and Norma (the Norwegian Norma, located in Oslo, Norway), for production and sale of ammunition to the Norwegian shooting movement. RANO was formed in 1965 and was shut down in 1989, when Raufoss again took over both sale and production.

It is believed that most, if not all, case production was done at Raufoss. Loading may have been done both at Raufoss and at Norma, Oslo.

The headstamp at the image is an early variant. Pretty soon, the format was changed to this:

We don’t know exactly how to interpret the RANO headstamps. We believe, at least on the new format, that the “2” (9 o’clock) is a code related to the case metal and/or the case design. The “C” (6 o’clock) identifies the production run and the “4” (3 o’clock) identifies the lot number within the production run. This is tentative, though, and based on a paper dated 1969, and gives the impression that what I call the “new headstamp design” may have been introduced that year. Whether or not this also applies for the “old design” headstamp, as shown by Tony, is uncertain, but I believe so.

I have never seen a primer crimp like the one shown. And I have never seen, nor heard of, any .303 (.311") bullet loaded in .308-cases by RANO, as discussed by Falcon.

Morten S.