7.62 x 51 Shake Dummy

I have a 7.62 x 51 with headstamp “RG 71 L2A2 (NATO MARK)”. It has a ringed in primer with a purple PA.
The primer is some type of aluminum looking metal (not shiny). In the center of the primer is a black dot of paint.
The round is filled with what sounds like lead shot so it rattles when you shake it. Brass case with a GM Ball bullet.

What is the proper nomenclature for this round and what is it’s purpose.

Dear Ron,
I have the same round in my collection, I can’t reproduce the exact nomenclature for this round, but it was sold to me as a package dummy, the lead shot inside the case has the same weight as the propellent in the ball round, and these rounds were used to check the proper packing and were used to practice things like plane drops etc.

hope this helps,


Joost–Thank you for the additional information. There must be an official designation for these rounds. The British assign official names to everything they make for the military.

Does yours have the black dot of paint on the primer? My round is brand new looking so I do not think the black dot is an accident.