7.62 x 51 Short Range

I have what appears to be a 7.62 x 51 Short Range. The headstamp is “A 73 7.62 R1 M1”. It has a short orange plastic bullet and a purple PA.

I assume this is a South African (PMP?) Short Range. What is the official designation?

Hi Ron

Do you mean this cartridge

this one has headstamp PMP 71 A1 7.62


Gyrojet–Yes, that is the same loading. What is the official South African designation?

I’ve got examples with the following headstamps: -

PMP 71 7.62 A1
PMP 72 7.62 A1
A 73 7.62 R1 M1

Not sure what the model number is of the complete round. In theory it should be the the ‘A1’ or ‘R1M1’. There must be some book or document around somewhere detailing South African model designations. Maybe write to PMP and see if they can tell you what the designation is.