7.62 x 51 Silencer Cartridge

I have a 7.62 x 51 cartridge headstamped “LAPUA 7.62 x 51” The entire head is blue. The envelope I got it in back about 1985 says “Lapua 7.62 x 51 Silencer Cartridge 200 gr.” Is this a civilian load (American Ballistics, etc.) or is it a Military Load.

I have three versions of the 200gr sub-sonic.

  1. LAPUA 7.62x51 Brcs Ni pr. This has a blue base with a blue strip across the primer. The blue color is translucent. This is probably the same as yours.
  2. LAPUA .308W Brcs Nipr The whole base including primer is translucent blue (virtually identical to above).
  3. LAPUA .308W Brcs ?pr The whole base including primer is colored opaque powder blue. I have the box for this cartridge. I’ll try to post pictures shortly. The bullet is a 200gr B416 and looks identical to the above two. The box is clearly commercial, not military. Unfortunately, I have not seen a box for the 7.62 x51 HS - perhaps someone can help here.

Dave S

Not my business but: Those I have seen from Finland were mainly for Police use as a Finnish collector told me.

So, these were made by Lapua and not another company using Lapua cases?

Here’s the box and cartridge (the cartridge on the right is from the box)

The ballistics of the cartridge can be found at the Lapua website. Note that SAKO also mark their subsonic cartridges in a similar fashion.

Dave S

Dave S. Thanks for the info and box photos. Mine is like the center headstamp.

box photo’s and cartridge Lapua