7.62 x 51, Singapore Chartered industries?

After seeing Terry’s 5.56 a few posts down, this reminded me of 2 fired 7.62x51s I have that I have not looked at in a while. They are brass cases, with brass primer cups and berdan primers. The primers have green annulus. They are headstamped “GE 7.62” and “GC 7.62”. Are these Singapore Chartered industries date codes?

Definitely Chartered Industries, Singapore and I think the codes are ‘GE’ - 1975 and ‘GC’ - 1973.

Thanks Jim, I can now put them on my records. Can anyone else verify the date codes?

Guy, I have been now twice told that the letter codes coincide with the alphabet, with A = 1 and B = 2 and so on!
Hope this helps. Terry.

In Dave Hughes’ headstamp suppliment to the book he wrote on the M-16 rifle and it’s cartridge, he shows the CIS code to be: 0=0, 1=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, H=8. While not listed, it is presumed that G=8 and I=9. This is shown for the 5.56 cartridge though. Maybe they used “A” on other calibers?