7.62 X 51 Steel Case question


Hi Folks , this round has a copper washed steel case and FMJ bullet ,brass primer the headstamp is 61 92 ,could someone please tell me who made it and for who? thanks Randy


NORINCO…Chinese…for the Commercial US market.


Some of this Chinese made ammunition has also been seen packed in standard military type “spam cans”. Reportedly it was made as military aid for Communist insurgents somewhere. I think DocAV had the info on this.



Here is box for Europe market:

Interesting misprint:


Thanks for the info Randy


Another box 7,62x51


It’s a very clear foto that yellow box but nobody find the strange thing on it!! 22 gramm, 340 grain bullet, that must be a very long projectiele in this caliber.
By the way in the yellow box the headstamp is "61 94 308 win. Wishes, Jan


Two box variations for the US market. Red box has hs 61 93. White box has hs 61 92.

By the way, I think the weight given on the yellow box is the total cartridge weight, not the bullet weight.



Of cource it is an error, it just supriced me nobody has attention on it. Yes total weight is 347 grain, but that isn’t written on the box. Nice boxes Dave the one below I’ve seen in 7.62x39, the top one is new for me. Should be nice in my collection :-) . Wishes, Jan