7.62 x 51 US Color tips


I took this photo to send to a shooter who is not a collector. 7.62MM NATO US cartridges with one-color tips. Did I miss any?



I dunno if you missed any. Shoot, I had no idea there were even half as many as you show! Nice!

If the silver tip is API and light blue is Incendiary, what are the corresponding M-numbers?


Those two (and others) have no M designation AFAIK.



What’s with the double cannelure on that first round on the left?


And that chunky crimp on the one on the extreme right?




The extra cannelure is typical of AP bullets of the period. For ID, I think.


That’s an Inert cartridge for testing machinery. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. No primer pocket. hs is LC 77 INERT.




Nice line-up! The API is the brother of the Incendiary from the late 60’s tests? Could you share the headstamp?




The API is hs FA 51 and is a T101E1. The 1960s tests used Cal .30 API bullets, which gave them considerable stability problems. Either they had no more T101 bullets or they forgot that they had loaded them in the FAT1E3 case 20 years earlier. Or both.



Thanks Ray,

I was thinking “post-NATO”…



I really should not have titled this “7.62MM NATO” since many of the cartridges are not NATO. I would have nit-picked one of you guys to no end if you had done the same thing. So, shame on me. :>(



Ray…'LOVE colors…did you mean to omit all the classic Star Light tracer versions ?(I then carefully reread your “one” color tip notation…careless me)…I looked at my list and thought of the all black LC dummy (? box/packaging dummy) and I also have a green colored version I call “olive” ID’d an a USAF “heavy ball”

colors are us (lousy file photo…I carry them to SLICS on my lap top)



Ray–I edited your original title for this thread to more accurately reflect the content.



Yes, I photographed only the 7.62MM cartridges with one color in the tip. I have about 10 or so of the multi-colored tips and had considered photographing them also. But, this photo was taken for a shooting friend who knows nothing about color tips and I did not want to overwhelm him. I am slowly getting him interested in cartridges (other than the ones he shoots) and too much at once could scare him away.

Plus, I am missing many of the multi-colored tips. NATO Dave has more than me, including some that I have never seen, much less touched.

What I would really like to see is a line-up of colored tips from other countries. Some of them are really unusual and virtually unknown in the US.



Ray, what are 7 & 8? I’d guess one of them is the M276 Infrared Tracer but what’s the other similar one?



I’m starting another thread on the Dim Tracers.



color tips from other countries?..we are in trouble just with the UK .308 powder/bullet/load variation coloring (forget about the primer and base markings!!!)

(I fancy myself a “color tip” collector…but became fascinated with other special purpose rounds that aren’t necessarily color tipped)

and as we color afficionados appreciate…colors can mean very different things for the same country and caliber based on the specific H/S (i.e., the red; white; and blue; US LC 70 .308 experimental H.E.L. (Human Engineering Laboratory) tracer rounds (DIM to 125 yds then BRIGHT to 750 yds)(according to my notes)

bottom line… a multi round, multi color tipped photo (with your great lighting, focus and cropping) gets the juices flowing…


Saving Ray’s original color tip picture.
62x51 US color tips